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Thursday, March 10, 2011 Interview

I had a nice talk with yesterday regarding the success we have had with and how Jason Sadler has been a key promoter for our product and our
company.  Today show on yesterday...I look forward to hearing from
the Wall Street Journal anytime now.  Now we can officially know as CEREAL Entrepreneur's...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Featured on the Today show!

Suddenly my wife is screaming at me "Mike, come downstairs, now!  Hurry...!"  The kids are in school, the weather is great, no phone call had come in that i heard...what could POSSIBLY be wrong to be of such urgency?

The answer?  "Good Life Granola is being talked about on the Today Show!"  Sweet Holy Moly!

We have been a friend of Jason Sadler from for a while now and he had been a HUGE supporter and loves our product (so does hi Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma and Grandpa).  Well, Sara Haines from the Today show was filming at his location a couple of weeks ago.   Jason passed on a bag for her to try...she loved it...and we then followed up with some more product direct to the Today show.  

Thanks for the support everyone and

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good to Go sells GLG!

I was pleased to drop off Good Life Granola to Good to Go today. They will use it on their yogurt parfaits and also have 12 ounce bags for sale. Thanks again for the support and please stop by and get some healthy eats at this great restaurant in Holland (corner of Felch and the Highway)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 was quite a week. We have had a tremendous amount of new Fan on Facebook these past 4 days. I think we have increased 65 in a very short time. It is nice to have so many fans who recommend others to join. I can tell they really love the product when they do that.

Today was the day that Good Life Granola was featured on eightWest.  I loved the story and thought they did a nice job telling the background as well as showing some of the production. Dee (the inventor and my wife) as well as Brad (our Son) were also shown.
You can see the clip here:

For those who missed the story on the kitchen we is the link to that story too:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Have you ever really looked forward to a day.  Like wishing tomorrow would come even faster because it was your birthday or you were leaving for that dream vacation?  Well that's how this week was and also continues to be.

We had a special visitor at the Good Life Granola Kitchen on Tuesday.  Terri DeBoer from WoodTV8 and the show eightWest.  Terri and I have been corresponding for quite a few weeks about the possibility highlighting our product on the show.  I knew she liked the product and she has even mentioned it before on the show but the date kept being pushed back for various reasons like a bigger story coming up....I joked that we were the big story!

Well Tuesday was finally the day.  Terri and her crew of two were afforded a beautiful day to travel north to the kitchen.  They arrived around noon and we had everything prepared to show the different steps in the process of making the oh so delicious Good Life Granola.  With everyone in hairnets they were able to film us in action...and even got a chance to do an in kitchen interview.  Our son Brad joined us in the kitchen to help (how else would he want to spend spring break from college) and you can see him in action too.

The side bonus was their ability to feature the kitchen we use as well.  There are multiple businesses that operate out of the kitchen incubator called the Starting Block and I am sure there will additional interest from our food entrepreneurs once their story runs on Monday.

So we looked forward to last Tuesday and it has we look forward to next Tuesday as well....tick tock, tick tock....

Watch for us on WoodTV 8 in Grand Rapids Michigan or live online on eightWest 11:00 AM  EST on 3/16
and on 3/15 Terri will feature the Starting Block.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Radio Day!

I will be on WJRW AM 1340 Listen live 2-3 and you'll be in for a big treat!
We will be talking Good Life Granola with Host Lynne Jarman-Johnson. Tune in to get information on how to win!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shaker Messenger sells tons of GLG!

We are very pleased that a total of 13 locations are now selling GLG in Michigan and Wisconsin! Word is spreading and we appreciate the ideas and outlet names that have been given to us.
The first store to sell our product was "The Shaker Messenger" in beautiful downtown Holland Michigan (the second happiest place in the U.S.). Diana Van Kolken is the cheery and very persuasive owner. She is always smiling when you walk in the door and you are promptly greeted by her or her staff. Persuasive, because if she likes something, and we KNOW she loves GLG, you will be encouraged to taste or try....and then you will buy!
I have been called on the weekend a number of times to quickly bring more GLG to her store because she is out again! But there are more products sold there than granola, there is also a ton of other Michigan Based food products too. It is a great way to support the Michigan economy and also taste the best of the best.

Next time you are in Holland make a stop at 210 S.River Ave, or call 616.396.4588, or visit the website for a peek at the other items carried.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 18 was a great day for GLG. We were the featured company on and had not just two videos made....we had three!
Here is Jason Sadler on the top 10 ways to eat Good Life Granola.

Evan gives his story on Good Life Granola and how good it is.

And then Cassie checks out opinions on GLG and the evil competitor "Bad Life Granola"
.....i think it will be easy to see who they like the best! Thanks Cassie!
Follow Cassie on YouTube

This has been a great week for us at Good Life Granola. We had our day on which got us the best traffic on our website ever! We topped 500 fans on our Facebook Fan Page and we also were able to rais money for for water straws for Haiti!

Stay tuned for more info and news. We are very pleased at the support we have received for our product and know we can't do any of this without your help!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning! Have you enjoyed your granola yet? I am just about to fix a bowl of plain yogurt with Michigan Blue Berries and Good Life Granola. It is the perfect morning meal...along with a great cup of coffee.

We have had a great first full week of production and also delivery to stores. Two location in Wisconsin, two in Michigan and one pending in Cincinnati. We are very excited and look forward to giving more details at future locations.

We will also be at Harderwyk Church tomorrow for their HUGE craft event. Please come over to see us, taste the granola and of course, buy some! Here is a link to the the location and map:

Eating what's good,